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Intern Wardrobe | September 22, 2019

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VIDEO: Intern Essentials/Internship Advice

Annabelle Slator

How many times have you had a nightmare day because of that one item you forgot to bring?


We filmed an Intern Advice video all about your intern essentials!

Comment on the video if you think we’ve missed anything (we’d love to hear your stories) or if you have any suggestions for future videos you’d like to see.

Email if you’d like to get involved in our video project. We’re looking for idea makers, photographers and presenters to get on board with this super fun venture into the world of YouTube!

More of a reader? Check out our original article below:

Internship Essentials: What not to forget (written by Kara Godfrey)

With internships come stress, excitement and fear: trying to apply for it, getting the job and then sheer panic trying to find a place to stay and work out how to get there. However, to prevent being severely underprepared, here are a few things that every intern should carry, no matter the job:

Pen and pencils:


Seems straight-forward but always make sure you have a pencil as well: not only do they not run out (and saves you the embarrassment of frantically scribbling with a sputtering pen) but they also don’t run in the rain. So if you are sent out to take notes somewhere, forget the pen.



From transcribing interviews to taking down the breakfast run, make sure you have a smart notebook and not bits of scrap paper. The less you have to ask to borrow things, the more competent you look as an intern.



If you have events to go to or a daily meeting they want you to join, you want to make sure that you have it all written down in the same place. Post it notes don’t count, and they saved me from turning up on a Monday when the office was shut on a Bank Holiday.

Portable charger:


You may need to use your phone throughout the day for various things: Google Maps, transcribing interviews, receiving calls. And as many iPhone users know, phones don’t last long. So make sure you have a (fully charged) back up charger so you aren’t left short and with that panic of being uncontactable.



If you’re in London, you’re going to have to use the Underground, without a doubt. No one want’s hundreds of day tickets and having to spend an extortionate amount. So top that card up at the beginning of the week and whiz through the barriers without the stress. With weekly and monthly passes, it helps bring down the cost especially if travel costs aren’t reimbursed.



You want to work your best when you’re on your internship, especially if it’s not a very long one. So when a headache strikes or you feel a bit flu-y, you will be so grateful that you have those paracetamol lurking in your bag. And when a colleague comes down with something, they will be ridiculously thankful when you can offer something to take the edge off.



Despite living in the 21st century, many little shops don’t have card machines. So if someone hasn’t given you enough change for their croissant or you need to grab some bits for the office, make sure you have a few pounds for emergencies. Or for the vending machine when you need that 3pm chocolate bar pick-me-up.

You may need many other things such as lunch, bottles of water, tissues: but these are the essentials that you shouldn’t be leaving the house without.

What other things do you think every intern should have?

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