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Intern Wardrobe | September 22, 2019

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Finishing Strong – How to End Your Internship

Finishing Strong – How to End Your Internship
Annabelle Slator

Oh no. It’s back to uni season, and the time to kiss goodbye your summer internship is pretty much here…

Whether your time was spent memorising coffee orders or creating one-of-a-kind graphics, summer internships ultimately come to a close. It’s important for interns to develop strong relationships with their employers in order to develop professional connections and receive glowing recommendations.

As your internship comes to a finish, make sure to end things on a high note with your employer.

Here are some general tips to have your last days there be some of your best:

Ask for feedback about your performance.



Take initiative and show your employer that you value their input and advice by asking them to give you a closing evaluation. Not only will you receive valuable advice regarding your professional career, your employer will see that you care about what they have to say. An exit interview gives you an opportunity to express gratitude while also voicing any improvements they can make in the internship program. When done professionally, most employers love hearing feedback on how they can make the internship program better. You receive some helpful career advice while being able to share some insight with your boss, a total win-win.

Show appreciation with a small gift of gratitude.



By this time, you probably have a great sense of what your supervisor loves. Muster together some stray dollars to give your boss a thoughtful gift as a way of showing your appreciation for the opportunity. While that unpaid internship may be hurting your bank account, a handwritten note is the perfect way to show thanks. Handwritten notes are always a classy way to show thanks for the time they invested in you as intern. Taking the time to pick up a gift or write a note is the perfect end to an internship.

Don’t take it personally if you were not brought on after your internship.



While many go into internships with the idea that they’ll be hired on after they complete their internship, that isn’t always the case. Avoid showing hostility or anger towards your boss about not being offered a position, but rather express thanks for being given the opportunity to develop skills. Nothing creates more tension than outwardly expressing unhappiness about a job situation, especially when you may not understand their reasoning. Show respect and gratitude to help avoid

Stay in touch.


An important lesson to learn is to continue to maintain connections long after your internship. Not only does this make you available for any job openings down the line, but your boss will be way more likely to recommend you to any other friends they may have in the industry. From an email to a card, there are many ways that you can keep conversation flowing between you and your former boss long after your internship ended.

Internships help bridge the gap between college and the professional world, making it imperative to build positive relationships with employers. Make sure to end all internships on a high note to avoid any negative complaints from past bosses and to develop strong relationships in your industry.


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