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Intern Wardrobe | September 22, 2019

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Best Apps for Interns (and they’re all free!)

Best Apps for Interns (and they’re all free!)
Annabelle Slator

If you’re anything like the Intern Magazine team, you would happily opt into surgically attaching your phone to your palm

(come on, how good would that be though!?)

But as much as your parents/teachers/grandparents/friends/other idiots tell you, your phone doesn’t have to be detrimental to your work. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite FREE apps to get you through a hellish internship and help improve your life:




Collate all your bills, rent, expenses and naughty Topshop purchases into one simple report. Having a money management app should be obligatory for everyone, especially unpaid interns. When every pound is precious you need to keep your funds where you can see them!



Perfect for when you undoubtly lose all your lunch and travel receipts. Scan any important documents, business cards and handwritten notes and save them onto your phone. This app increases the quality of the text and decreases the surroundings so you get a much clearer copy than a smart phone camera can produce. It also keeps your bag from looking like a recycling bin.



There are plenty of apps that help you navigate your way through London but we think that Citymapper is the best. Its clean layout makes it super easy to use and live updates are really helpful if your journey goes awry. The only draw back is that you need wifi/3G/4G for it to work. We suggest planning your journeys in advance and screenshotting your routes to achieve ultimate ontimeyness.

Red Spotted Hanky


Every penny counts when you’re an intern on a train (insert your own ‘Snakes on a Plane’ joke here) so after a while those annoying transaction fees can seriously rack up! Red Spotted is the standard train app but without the extra charges.



Sync documents, pictures and notes between all your devices; perfect for when you’re working out and about. Create a group account to connect with other users and edit the same document.



For when the iPhone’s Mail app just can’t keep up with your popularity, Boxer (or alternatively the free Boxer Lite) can schedule due dates, add contact information and prioritize your emails on a variety of different accounts at the same time!


Customize goals for the day or long time plans with this awesome app. Setting yourself small goals and check up reminders throughout the day keeps your positivity peaked and makes larger tasks much less stressful.

How Stuff Works


Not actually vital in day-to-day work but this podcast app is great for a lonely intern in the city. We recommend the Stuff You Should Know general knowledge series; thirty to fifty minute shows on anything from Sea Monsters to Spam. The presenters’ casual approach to the topics is great to block out the hustle and bustle of public transport and gives you an abundance of weird and wonderful facts to impress your colleagues.

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