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Intern Wardrobe | September 22, 2019

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Union J and Mean Girls at Heat Magazine

Union J and Mean Girls at Heat Magazine
Intern Wardrobe

Behind The Scenes At Heat Magazine

I went to London to work for heat magazine! I went to London to work for heat magazine! I went to London to work for – okay you get the gist. I’ve recently spent two weeks in London interning at heat magazine.

Out of all of my internships so far my two week placement with heat magazine was definitely the one I was most excited about! Having been buying the magazine religiously since I was about 14-years-old I definitely have heat to thank for making me realise I want a career in showbiz journalism. And as I boarded my 9am train to Waterloo I felt an awful lot like Lizzie McGuire up on that Italian stage back in 2003.


I was also the most nervous about my two-week stint with heat. What if it was as disappointing as my previous placement? What if I fangirled so hard about being in the heat towers that I royally buggered up and got sent home? During my previous placement with FHM I bumped into heat’s editor Lucie Cave at the lifts and I was so star-struck I definitely lost my cool. I could not afford for that to happen again when I was meant to be there as a helping hand.


Luckily the heat team were great, and I had the bonus of already knowing my supervisor after meeting her in a pub during a previous placement (see guys, networking – and drinking – definitely pays off). Once again I was helping out with the fashion and beauty team, but this time around I was actually given a seat at the beauty desk and a computer to work on! I was also given some editorial tasks to do alongside calling in PR samples and price checking items that were featuring in the following weeks issue. During my two weeks I got to write copy for a series of Who Wore It Best articles and I even got to write an entertainment news story for the web team!


Another perk about interning at heat? You will meet a fair few famous faces while you’re there, and I was lucky enough to meet Union J! As a massive boyband fan I completely freaked the fuck out when my supervisor told me the boys were stood right behind me. Luckily instead of judging me for melting at my desk she actually introduced me to the guys and asked if they’d mind taking a photo with me – I managed to look slightly more composed for that, thank god *treasures photo forever*.

I also assisted the team with their beauty sale, and I can tell you now if you thought Mean Girls was bad then you should try being in a room full of women desperate to get their hands on designer gear being flogged for £3. Luckily, I was allowed first dibs before the doors were open – every cloud has a silver lining, hey?


I can’t stress how much fun a placement with heat is. Everyone there is really happy to talk to you and offer their pearly pearls of wisdom and as a working environment the office is really relaxed. They all genuinely seem to enjoy being there – oh and they listen to heat radio pretty much all day every day so it’s literally tunes galore!

I got my placement through networking but if you fancy applying for an internship with heat (which you 100% should) then check out GoThinkBig!


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