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Intern Wardrobe | August 22, 2019

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How I got my own radio show

How I got my own radio show
Intern Wardrobe

July 31st 2014 – a normal summers day for most. For me? The day my dreams slowly began to come true. One of my friends had been participating in a media course with the local youth charity, Wycombe Youth Action, and on the 31st she had the chance to present a radio show on their youth run radio station, Blink FM. It had always been my dream to be a radio presenter, after growing up in a musical household, idolising figures such as Reggie Yates and Fearne Cotton- so when my friend asked me to co-host, I didn’t hesitate when it came to saying yes!


We both worried that the show we did would be no good. After all, we had absolutely no experience in this area, no clue how to work the studio and no clue what to talk about. However, we had no need to panic. Things flowed naturally, from the song changes to the conversation topics, and we enticed more listeners to the station than they were normally used to- encouraging the people in charge to offer us our own permanent show! I could not have been happier- I had gone from believing my dream job would be nothing more than that, to suddenly having it seemingly come to life in a matter of seconds. With an initial foot in the door, the possibilities would be endless.


After some joint shows with my co-host, I knew that what I really wanted was a show of my own. They say wants never gets, but in my case I was lucky, and managed to start off on my own. Going solo was scarier than I had imagined. How would I manage the controls, the music and, worst of all, how I would I hold a conversation, all by my self? Trying to do all of this at once seemed impossible and I was very nearly put off altogether. However, I had already come this far- I wasn’t prepared to give up now.


When it was time for my first solo show, luck was on my side, and everything ran smoothly. I had a good, interactive audience and a nice, mixed playlist. People enjoyed the show, and I enjoyed presenting it. I had never felt more in my element then I did right there and then in that little studio.

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Becoming a radio presenter revealed a confidence inside of me that I had never realised I possessed. It taught me to believe in myself and, most of all, to never give up on your dreams, no matter how large or impossible they may seem. It’s now a huge part of my life, and I couldn’t imagine a career that would be any better for me.


  1. Kay Land

    Awesome job.

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