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Intern Wardrobe | August 22, 2019

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What I learnt at the Vogue Festival 2015

What I learnt at the Vogue Festival 2015
Intern Wardrobe

The Vogue Festival 2015 was insane!

Arriving early at the Royal College of Art, for my second Vogue Festival, I’m already excited about the day’s events. The place is teeming with life, there’s an array of activities happening, from Bobbi Brown makeovers and Kérastase couture hair transformations to Vogue cover shoots and monogram manicures. I head straight to the Vogue Surgery for Editor Hour. This was an incredible opportunity to ask some of my burning questions about the industry. As well as this, I learnt some more insider knowledge from the masterclass: The Art of Editing. I collated some of the best advice from the day:

Does your degree subject matter?

graduation eyeroll

For me this was an important one as I want to study English and French, but still go into fashion. The editors I spoke to said the subject you choose doesn’t matter. In fact, if you’re interested in being a journalist, coming from a different background can make you stand out, giving the style of writing a specialist tone and create an emotional connection. Though if the course is something completely different, ensure you have a clear passion and polish off your writing skills – experience would be your best friend.


How do I make a feature interesting for people to read?

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An article has to get people’s attention – it needs to be surprising, unexpected and original. The key to capturing an audience is writing something with a personal account of the topic, creating you own “voice” and emotional link to it. The advantage to this is that other magazines wouldn’t plagiarise the idea, because it has your own experience of it.


How to make a successful headline:


  • Does it make sense?
    Obvious but important.
  • Check for any bad connotations
    It may not appear at first, ask someone else’s opinion.
  • Avoid clichés
    After all, you’re trying to interest the reader with its creativity.


How do I get better at writing?

writing is the hardest thing ever simpsons gif

Write, write, read and write some more! You get better by practice, therefore, it’s extremely important to start writing anything. Tip: write something every day, about 500-1000 words; it will help you out massively. Another useful suggestion was finding a mentor. Yet if all else fails and you need a quick fix, try emulating another writer’s structure; basing your article around a general form or style helps you learn the structure and develop confidence in your writing.

Interview DO’s and DON’Ts:

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DO study the topic/person like a PhD
DO find a common interest with the interviewee
DON’T count on only the tape recorder (technology fails you)

Quick-fire tips:

new girl finger guns

Make yourself indispensable after an internship.
Take inspiration from your surroundings.
Stuck for ideas? Collaborate.
Be truthful. Believe in your opinion.
The editor is always right.

If our own questions haven’t been answered, I strongly recommend going to the Vogue Festival, next year, for a fashion insight, as well as a fun day out. For my part, it has opened my eyes to new possibilities. It has actually made me feel that this dream is possible, after all.

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