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Intern Wardrobe | August 22, 2019

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How to improve your CV without interning

How to improve your CV without interning
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So you’ve sent out what feels like millions of cold emails, searched for hours and applied to tonnes of internships. And still, no replies. It sucks, like really really sucks. But there is absolutely no need to get down about it, if you can’t get an internship there are PLENTY of ways to improve your CV without having to memorise your boss’s coffee order. Check out our #InternAdvice on alternative ways to improve your CV before you land that dream job:

Learn a new skill

brains gif

Photoshop, InDesign etc look ace on your CV. Try out all the Adobe products for free for 30 days (you don’t even have to put your credit card details in) by clicking here. Schedule an hour everyday to sit down and teach yourself using youtube tutorials and you’ll have some legit skills by the end of the month. Alternatively, have a look at Duolingo, an amazing site that helps you learn a new language for ACTUAL FREE! At the moment, Duolingo offers Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Irish. Any of them would look awesome on your CV (even if you’re not completely fluent).

Start a website

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This will cost you around £20 dependent of what you want to name your new site, go to 123-reg or GoDaddy for the most easy to use interfaces. Creating a website from scratch is a great way to practice CMS and SEO skills. It will also leave you with an end product that you can pop on your CV. Include your social media, portfolio of previous work on your site; whether that’s university work, products of previous internships or stuff you’ve done in your own time. Having a website also gives the impression of you ‘as a brand’ and makes it a lot easier for potential employers to get to know you.


i volunteer


This sounds like the dullest thing ever but volunteering can actually be brilliant. Check out for some amazing opportunities in education, marketing, retail, social care, culture and sport. Showing you are committed to a cause and a hard worker goes a long way with employers.



work work work gif


Websites like Contently, 3Desk are Crew are great for quick jobs and projects that you can do from home. And trust us when we say earning money whilst you’re still in your pajamas is the most satisfying thing ever! You’ll end up with a nice portfolio of work to show off (plus a bit a cash too!).


ello gif


Industry days and networking events are a really great way of broadening your horizons. Check out websites like Eventbrite and The Guardian Masterclasses for up to date opportunities. Companies like Channel 4 often do individual ‘open days’ to meet bright young things such as yourself, so do some research if there is a particular company you are interested in working for. It’s a great way to get on that company’s radar and much more effective than a cold email.

Short Courses


Got a bit of money to spare? Of course you don’t, you’re an intern! Beg your parents, sell your possessions or rob a bank and enrol on a short course! There are some fantastic ones out there, like the ones at the Fashion Retail Academy and City Short Courses. Out of the city? Check out this FREE online digital business course and this international one with Teen Vogue!

Well, there you have it. To be honest, the best advice we can give you for when you are in between internships is stay positive. If you are committed to finding a job, YOU WILL FIND ONE. Doing something is better than doing nothing, and doing some of the things we’ve listed above is 100 times better than moping!

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