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Intern Wardrobe | August 22, 2019

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Intern Wanderlust – what it’s like to work in Travel PR

Intern Wanderlust – what it’s like to work in Travel PR
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 Intern Wanderlust – what it’s like to work in Travel PR

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         When I was five I visited Italy, at twelve I flew to Bermuda, and by fifteen I moved to Spain for a summer exchange. Growing up, I dreamed about trekking around all parts of the world no matter how rugged (or fabulous) they were. However, I also realised that on a student salary (approx. minus £0) would only get me so far. To do what I love AND make a living, I needed to get some valuable experience.

Enter the internship! A life without travel was out of the question, it is in my blood, so you can imagine how excited I was to land my first internship in London at a public relations agency with roots in travel, Rooster PR!

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Not everyone knows what PR is, most people think it’s celebrity publicity or marketing and contrary to popular belief you won’t be getting on the next flight to Ibiza or lounging around the ‘office’ in your bikini.


At Rooster, I thought I knew what to expect. I was wrong. Instead I found myself doing all kinds of tasks outside the realm of what I considered ‘PR’. A typical day for me involved everything from team brainstorms to weekly office meetings, scanning the web for client coverage to interviewing case studies, writing press releases and talking to journalists to scheduling tweets and Facebook posts, helping launch apps and posting blogs to handing umbrellas to commuters outside Waterloo station, and YES even planning a press trip to Ibiza (although planning is as far as it got sadly).

I even did things outside the realm of travel! While working with clients in Spain, Iceland, America – you name it – I also worked with start-up, tech, and developing businesses in the UK and learned how branding, digital communications, and global reach plays a significant role in PR strategy. I got to be part of a team who is moving forward (they won the RAR award when I was there and I got to help celebrate!) and see their direct contribution to the industry.

Luckily, the Rooster team was great, and the best part about the placement was being a member of the team. Gone are the days of an intern being an office slave. On my first week I was assigned to a new client, one of Rooster’s bigger accounts, and over the next three months I was actively involved in their development from initial goal setting to producing weekly results. At the end, I was even able to set up my own meeting and go for coffee with the head of marketing at Askmen!

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While I did run some errands, they were for a good cause – cake and champagne for a birthday or beer for an office party are always the best – and I was able to build a valuable relationship with the entire team.

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Another great thing about Rooster was the writing. (I’ll say it now, if you don’t like writing don’t go into PR because every day all day is WRITING, WRITING, WRITING!) For someone who loves writing, this is a huge bonus and another benefit of the internship was being published myself. It was the best feeling waking up in the morning and seeing my work online.

My internship at Rooster was more than a glimpse into PR; it was a fully immersive experience and education in the travel sector. In PR, no two days are the same, but that’s what I love about it! The more tasks you get, the faster you learn to think on your feet and be creative. And yes, eventually, you do get to take that trip to Ibiza!

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