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Intern Wardrobe | September 22, 2019

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What I learnt at the Vogue Festival 2015

30th April 2015 | 2

The Vogue Festival 2015 was insane!

Arriving early at the Royal College of Art, for my second Vogue Festival, I’m already excited about the day’s events. The place is teeming with life, there’s an array of activities happening, from Bobbi … Read More

Work faux pas and how to avoid them

22nd March 2015 |

So you’ve just started your new internship and everything is going great.

Everyone’s acknowledged your existence, you made the whole office a cuppa and only had to check who takes sugar once and you’ve avoided leaving the bathroom with loo … Read More

How I got my own radio show

11th March 2015 | 1

July 31st 2014 – a normal summers day for most. For me? The day my dreams slowly began to come true. One of my friends had been participating in a media course with the local youth charity, Wycombe Youth Action, … Read More

How to rock a suit

10th March 2015 |

I love a good multifunctional outfit.

Something you can wear to work, but easily switch it up with a pair of patent black heels and a dark lip, for an extra glam look for night-time drinks.



This … Read More

Are fashion internships a rip off?

28th February 2015 |

“So how is jetlag?” asks one Russian model. “I don’t havaa jetlag”, replies her friend.

7am on the second day of Autumn/Winter 15 London Fashion Week; backstage is full of stressed-out people and noise. This show will be one of … Read More

When stressful is worth it – Aneesa’s Editorial Assistant Experience

26th February 2015 |

‘Congratulations I’d like to offer you the job.’

I was ecstatic. I had just submitted my final assignment to university two weeks ago, my graduation was still two months away and I had just secured myself a job as … Read More

How I got my internship at Vogue

24th February 2015 | 6

It was those final months in which university students of the world become emotional wrecks.


I had all the classic symptoms – panic attacks, cold sweats, inexplicable tears. The truth is I’d never imagined anything so far ahead as … Read More

Dealing with Office Politics

19th February 2015 | 1

It’s great when you finish high school. You get to leave behind the immature bitchiness, embedded cliquey-ness and horrendous bullying. Lol, just kidding.


This behaviour continues into the workplace and, according to my Mum, it never stops. Interns can … Read More

My Internship at Versace

18th February 2015 |

This was my first proper internship and I would like to share my experience, because when you want to work in the fashion world you usually have no idea where to start. At least, I hadn’t.

How did I get … Read More

My summer as a young scientist

12th February 2015 |

After an interview process at the end of the first year of my Physics undergraduate studies at Imperial College, I was given the unique opportunity to become a young researcher for eight weeks over the summer in the Plasma Physics … Read More