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Intern Wardrobe | September 22, 2019

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Intern Wardrobe

The Perfect Publishing Internship

27th May 2014 |

I’ve written for Intern Magazine before about my dismal experience working for a hotel, so I thought it only fair to balance things out with a really positive experience I had last summer.

How I got the placement was all … Read More

Interning at the Job Centre

26th May 2014 |


In April last year I completed work experience at the Job Centre, and I actually really enjoyed it.


I don’t know if it was due to the fact that I was completely bored of being unemployed, the genuine … Read More

“It’s important to dream as big as possible” – Interview with Shooting Beauty founder Nina Malone

8th May 2014 |

Nina Malone went from professional model and producer to the founder of the incredibly successful Shooting Beauty. Intern Magazine talks to her about how and why she made the career move…

Explain how Shooting Beauty works. What services do you … Read More

Top Tips for Internship Hunting

7th May 2014 |

When it comes to searching for your internship, the initial obstacle facing the majority of people is where to start…


With such a range of options available today, given the developments in technology, it can easily become an overwhelming … Read More

What employers value most in interns

6th May 2014 |

Are you being held to the same standards as a regular, paid employee? Should you make friends? Should you voice your opinions?  Quinn gives the run down on what employers value most:

#1. Initiative

This is the most important of all. I … Read More

“It is all about who you know and timing as well as hard work and talent” – An interview with Kaley Beardmore

5th May 2014 |

We love chatting to ambitious people with awesome jobs. We sat with Kaley Beardmore from Fashion Feed and Couture Crush to talk about her career path and future projects…


Where did your interest in fashion and fashion design come … Read More

Turn your internship into a job

14th April 2014 |

Coffee in hand, notebook in the other, you have scored a top internship and are stepping into the busy office for the first time. But how do you turn this experience into a job for the future?

You may be … Read More

Interning at Teen Magazine in the Phillipines

9th April 2014 |

Internships can make or break your career. Once you’ve stepped foot in an environment that you want to work in, it’s best you show all of them you are worth their time.

If you want a sure spot on that … Read More

A Blurry Week at Closer Magazine

7th April 2014 |

I was lucky enough to be accepted for an internship with Closer magazine last May, after frantically applying to all of the jobs I could find on Go Think Big. Read More

My internship at Telefonica

7th April 2014 |

As an English student, I am often asked what I will do once I graduate; usually from those studying business – or one of its derivatives – or something with a more specialised outlook, for example Engineering.

Read More