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Intern Wardrobe | September 22, 2019

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Intern Wardrobe

#interns – We do more than make coffee

7th April 2014 |

Internships – a relatively new phenomenon that has, without a doubt, earned a rightful place within the working world of today.

It was a few years back when I first decided to dip … Read More

Intern Makeup Looks

7th April 2014 |

Everyone has their own sense of style but here is an assembly of a few tips and makeup looks that could help you conquer your upcoming intern interview.

Look 1: Make it Last

MAC Face & … Read More

Interning at Southampton Solent University

7th April 2014 |

I spent one year at Southampton Solent University working with PhD students, whilst studying my masters degree and I will be forever thankful for that experience.

Every year the university offers intern positions to approximately 25 of its students, providing … Read More

Menswear on a budget

7th April 2014 |

There is a paradox that arises as an intern and this is the fact that you are unlikely to get paid much, if at all, yet you are expected to turn up to an interview and to work dressed well. … Read More

Hotel of Horrors – My Internship Gone Wrong

24th March 2014 |

“How would you feel about writing some content for our website, and maybe writing a couple of blogs too?” I sat there in front of my new boss, grinning from ear to ear. Read More

How Topshop helped me break into the industry:

24th March 2014 |

Anyone aiming for a career in the fashion industry knows how competitive it can be to simply be picked for an interview, let alone be offered a job Read More

Out of time with Time Out (Singapore)

24th March 2014 |

Click and scroll and repeat. Oh look, here’s an internship opportunity that looks slightly cool. Let’s send over a CV and cover letter and see how things go!

This is the exact story … Read More

Top Tips for Creative Interns

12th March 2014 |

Getting the opportunity to intern somewhere is fantastic.  However, if you really want to make the most of it, there’s a few pointers you might want to bear in mind. Read More

Tears in the toilets and croissants in the black cab: my intern experience

12th March 2014 |

Last summer, I interned at Ryan Lo studio: designing show invites, creating Japanese packaging inspired prints for t-shirts, running round Soho for buttonhole. Read More